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Jamie Lee Palaganas MD

General Pediatric Neurologist providing Concierge-level care.
Accepting new patients. For inquiries and referrals, please call.

A Letter From
Jamie Lee Palaganas MD

Dear Referring Physicians and Families,

As the school year is swinging into full speed, I would like to introduce myself and my new Concierge General Pediatric Neurology Practice, Pediatric Neurology of NYC! As with many pediatric subspecialties, there are often significant wait times for initial consultations at many of the practices and academic centers in the region and aim  to improve access to care for issues and concerns that require acute neurologic consultation.

 As a brief background, I completed my training in Child Neurology at Boston Children’s Hospital in 2014 and since then have been in practice as one of the nation’s first Pediatric Neurohospitalists at Boston Children’s and Weill Cornell Medicine. In this role, I have provided extensive inpatient and outpatient neurology consultations and follow up for acute concerns including headaches, concussions, weakness, seizures, dizziness, altered mental status, pain, movement disorders or any other neurologic concerns and am now branching out to provide this expertise directly to patients.

With Pediatric Neurology of NYC, I am happy to provide real time phone consultations with referring providers to assist in triage and acute managements as well as in person (or telemedicine) consultations direct to your patients within days of referral. Office hours will be flexible and include evening hours to aid children and their families with scheduling. Initial consultations include review of medical records, discussions before the visits with referring providers and care team as well as direct closed loop communication with the care team and family. The practice will be a Direct Patient Care model and is not currently contracting with insurance companies though of course, patients can submit for reimbursement.

I also have expertise as a yoga teacher and personal trainer which provides me a unique perspective on addressing body mechanics and stress management which can contribute to various neurologic conditions especially related to function in sports, musical performance, academic endeavors, sleep and overall quality of life.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me to discuss the practice, patient referrals or any questions of how I can be helpful to you, your practice and your patients!

I look forward to working with you!


Jamie Lee Palaganas MD

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